8:30PM:  How can he do this to me?
                Let me check the rice…
                How can he cheat on me with that that…?
                It smells nice, just a few more minutes now
                and it will be ready.
               How? How? After all we have been through!

8:45PM: Cheat on me and rush to eat my biryani rice
               Should I confront him?
               This needs more salt, the pepper is slightly off
               Where’s that pepper?
               Yes, but what about Japheth, little Japheth?
               I need to stay-I have to stay for little Japheth
               Oh, he's here!
              This is ready let me set the table

9:10PM: My tasty biryani!

8:30PM: Sweet aroma pervades the house
               As it usually does when mommy is in the kitchen
               She has been at it since she came home
               Daddy is not yet home, which is odd
               He usually is at this hour
               Mommy won’t lay the table until daddy comes
               He had better come quickly (stomach rumbles)

8:45PM: Oh, that biryani rice!
               A knock on the door, I rush to open-Daddy!
               I hug daddy and he sweeps me up in his arm
               while the other holds his work case
               I love it when daddy is home
               Daddy smells familiar; strangely-familiar
               Strange, because the scent is on daddy
               Familiar, because I have smelt it before
               Mommy has set the table

9:15PM: Time to eat!


9:00PM: Come here you!
               Little Japheth is always happy to see me
               If only Mama Japheth could be so too…
               What happened to that lady whom I fell in love with? (Sigh)
               At least I have Cindy to…
               Does she know? No, she can’t…

9:15PM: The table is set
               She made biryani-biryani is her happy dish
               She doesn’t know
               Yummy, at least she still makes the tastiest biryani ever
               Why “the” look?
               Why all the questions about my day?
               Not this again, I already said that I had more clients
               I had to stay on longer today
              This food suddenly has lots of pepper
               Can I get a glass of water?

9:20PM: (sigh) she doesn’t know.

9:20PM: The pepper is just fine-Japheth isn’t complaining!
               The nerve!
               What happened to the man I fell in love with... (Sigh)
               Let me take this glass of water to him that lying @#$
               For Japheth, yes, for Japheth!

9:50PM: Cindy, Yes! Cindy?
               But why does dad smell like his secretary?
               (Yawn) mum’s biryani was nice
               Let me sleep.


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